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Engine Vibration and Idle fluctuation

Old 07-16-2008, 07:39 PM
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Default Engine Vibration and Idle fluctuation

So a few weeks ago I posted here about my engine vibrating when accelerating and hitting the slightest bums at the same time. At first I thought it was the CAI rubbing on the fender. It wasn't. And today I just finished installing a new right-engine mount as well as taking off the lower mount for inspection then re-balancing and torquing all the bolts on them. Sounds good the first five minutes, then, VOOM VOOM! the vibrating continues. Any clues as to what it could be? I wanna take care of this before it causes more problems.

And the other problem I have, when my car's idling, the rpm's fluctuate a little. But what gets me is the times when I'm at a red light and the rpm's go above a thousand as if I hit the accelerator. It's kinda scary cause the car moves forward a little even though I'm holding the brakes down. Then today while I was backing out of my driveway (slightly inclined) it sounded like it was gonna stall, but I gave it more gas.

Fellow Neon owners, any help please?!? I don't wanna take it into a shop, when I have all the tools I need at school.

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