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How many miles do you have on your truck!


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411000 miles
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Default 2001 Ram 1500 4x4 Quad Cab 5.2/5 spd manual,.....

I bought this truck from my Dad in 2013 and he was the original owner. When I got it it had 180,000 miles on it. While he had it the fuel pump & pressure regulator and two water pumps were replaced. Other than general wear items, brakes, hoses, belts etc that was it. By the way, the fuel pump/regulator was to fix another issue and was un-needed, more on that later.
When I got it it was hard to start after it sat for 5 minutes or more. Found several fuel injectors with leaks and 8 new injectors solved the problem.
At about 220k the front hub bearing assemblies needed replacement as well as the rear drum cylinders.
It just turned 246k and I just replaced the original radiator. While we were in it we put in a new water pump, t-stat, hoses, serpentine belt, idle and tensioner pulley assemblies and did a full tune up with new coil(it was the original coil).
I go 4k on each oil change and add in STP Oil Treatment, which it has had since day one. I have to add about 1/2 a quart at 2k and 1/2 a quart at 3k after each oil change which is good considering the milage.
My goal is to get 300k out of this engine and then pull the entire engine/tranny/t-case assembly, put it on the shelf and install a mild built 360 with a 3/4 ton 6 speed and t-case. At the same time I will replace all of the suspension, install a custom 40 gallon fuel tank in the rear and make some other subtle mods along with 315/76/16 tires, on widened factory steel wheels, and drive her another 300k.

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Sounds like a great plan!

When you hit 300k and swap out the engine, trans, and transfer case, you going to upgrade your axles too?
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Old 06-09-2017, 01:14 PM
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Just ticked over 218,000 yesterday. Still daily driver and only vehicle. We had our anniversary five days ago: 16 years together!
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first ram was an 01 3.9 regular cab ST model with busted up dash but it was my first ever reliable vehicle. Had 154k miles, I believe a 2inch body lift since I had to hop in a little to get in the truck and had the stock 17inch dodge wheels from the 4x4 model I believe, on 275/65/r17s....that poor little 3.9 still got me from A to B reliably though even up hills pretty good with the pumped up tire and lift lol.... all I ever did was put fresh coolant and a new autozone brand pcv valve for good measure which made the idle rock solid, it was fine before but would move just a hair and of course did an oil and oil filter(mopar brand) change when I got it with Valvoline Max Life 10-30

2nd I got a few months ago is a 95 5.2 v8 that also has a busted dash (lol), with a knockoff magnaflow or flowmaster 40 single in dual out exhaust dumped under the cab, which sounds decent but with the windows down it really stinks of exhaust, I've choked a couple poor kids working the fast food drive-thru windows with it several times I'm sure sitting there waiting on the food LOL...I've been debating between a flowmaster super 10 single in dual out, or glasspack then a Y pipe after it for dual has 224k miles and drives and sounds good as if it were new, no check engine light, and I've only done a fresh oil and oil filter change, same 10-30 Max Life oil I used before, except this time an el cheapo walmart supertech brand oil filter I found out is actually a Wix rebrand from googling around. It already had the KN CAI installed when I got it, been thinking about buying the cleaning kit since it looks black not red like it's supposed to, no visible dirt though clogging anything. The idiots before put the old oil filter on wayyyyyy too tight with no oil on the gasket ring, that was hell getting

The 5.2 95 regular cab SLT Laramie actually gets better mpg than the v6 01 ram got even though it has way more miles, I'm guessing since I'm using stock sized tires 245/75/16s instead of the pumped up 17inchers and body lift on the v6. Maybe the v6 didn't have a body lift, but those were some fat tires and rims it had for sure lol.

I know alot of people knock the trans in these trucks but maybe many just never took care of them, I heard you actually need to do new fluid every 3 ish years or 30k miles, as well as new filter and bands adjusted. I've seen just as many GM vehicles with fried trans and engines to be honest if not more...

Both of the Rams I've had also had the optional trans cooler installed infront too which I've read apparently helps alot. I haven't serviced the trans in the 95 ram yet, the fluid is still pretty red/pink. The poor 3.9 01 ram's trans fluid was dark like oil when I got it though but still drove good, I did service that and I'm sure that helped. I heard don't ever flush these trans out though or any trans in general, it'll likely kill them. The engines in these trucks are very good though and last a long time, plenum gasket being the weak point but I never had that problem on either truck (yet-knock on wood)

I had a string of very junky bad cars before I got my Ram trucks, and although they do require more gas station trips than a car would, they've been extremely reliable for me, and I like sitting higher up, I can see traffic better.

I actually like the instrument cluster better on the 94-97 trucks, the odometer and trip meter are separate things right above and below each other, on the 01 it was cool being digital green against the black background, but trip meter and odometer were separate screens.

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Well.......made it to 178k, then sold it this past Sunday

Replaced it with an '04 2500 HD quad cab, so I'm still "in the family".

First guy to look at it drove it home, may it treat him well.
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Just rolled over 70.5K miles!

I scored my '97 with only 69.5K on it from a local dealer who took it on trade. Normally he doesn't keep anything more than 10 years old, but it was in good enough shape to make him make an exception. This makes the 3rd vehicle I've bought from them and not one of them have been a dud.
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2001 Dodge Ram 1500 5.2L Club Cab has 224,000 miles on her. She has a rebuilt trans, rebuilt front end, new radiator, new water pump, new fan clutch, new brakes, new U-bolts, new belts and hoses, new thermostat, running boards, new head and tail lights and bulbs, new rear bumper, new sport grill and hardware, ballistic nylon seat covers to protect my pristeen seats, new air shocks, And a new set of Michelin defender tires.

I just bought the truck from the original owner. I paid $3500 for her and he had just had the trans rebuilt, front end rebuilt and new brakes put on it. I have put $2600 into her and now shes rock solid and looks great.
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Duplicate post disregard

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