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3rd Gen Ram - Jet Chip Install

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Old 01-12-2009, 09:44 PM
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Default 3rd Gen Ram - Jet Chip Install

The following write-up will walk you through, in detail, everything you will need to do to properly install a jet chip.

Tools Needed:
  • Flat Head
  • Phillips Head
  • 10mm Wrench
  • 10mm Socket on a long extension
  • Some kinda small, but strong device (the little maroon handled thing u see below...u can use anything, but i had this little guy laying around, and it done what it needed to do perfectly)

Step 1:
Locate engine =)

Yell at her, and make sure she knows you're about to mess with her brain.

You'll notice the computer against the firewall...on the passenger side:

More zoomed in:

Step 2:
Disconnect Battery

Using a 10mm, loosen it up.

Use a flathead (or whatever) to gently pry it off the battery terminal.

Make sure the battery cable is secure and not in contact with the battery terminal

Step 3:
Disconnect the wiring harnesses from the ECM (computer)

You start by using whatever tool you can come up with to gently slide the red tab towards the direction of the wires (basically pulling directly away from the firewall. You ARE NOT trying to pry them up like little levers - THEY SLIDE IN LINE WITH THE CONNECTOR.

Once you slide it away from the ecm (the process previously pictured), it's basically ready to come off. This is the result you have when you slide one of the red tabs up (the second harness pictured below...u see how it's pulled up a bit?):

^^ You'll notice the second one's red tab is pulled up.

The next step is just to push in where the arrow is pictured below and slide off that harness.

^^ pushing down on that little wedge (green arrow) lifts the opposite edge over the locks on the ecm (the yellow arrow). You'll also notice, they are color coded, so DON'T WORRY ABOUT NOT BEING ABLE TO REMEMBER WHICH HARNESS WENT TO WHICH HOLE. THAT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE, YOU'LL SEE WHY LATER.

Step 4:
Remove ECM from firewall.

Referring back to the following picture, you can see that there are two screws on top of the ecm (see 'em??).

^^ Anyways, those two screws come right out with a couple turns of a philips head. Also note, that there is a 3rd one as well, on the bottom, and centered...basically right in line with all the harnesses. It's quite a pain in the butt to get to, especially if u have the stock air intake/filter in...i have a convenient cold air intake that i simply took off with a few screws just to get the access to the ecm as well as get the pictures.

If u took all the harnesses off, and took the 3 screws out, then the ecm should pop right out.

^^ Voila! Lay it down on a table or workbench of some sort. Wipe it down, blow it out, clean it off, make it look purty.

Step 5:
Install Chip onto ECM.

Now you may ask, "WHICH ONE? THERE ARE FOUR OF THEM!?". Well, not a big deal, they made it so that each plugs goes into only one slot. See below:

^^ See those teeth/notches? They are different on each harness, so you can't mix them up, cause it just wouldn't fit. Likewise, the jet chip (the black thing in picture above) is also made to fit only one. Mine seemed to be the 3rd one from the top...i have seen others. Whichever one the jet chip fits into is where it goes.

And holy hell that chip is hard to cram in there. You will hear it pop in, feel it pop in, but as soon as you take your hand off of it, it pops right out. Upon further investigation you'll see that there is a rubber washer/seal around the jet chip. i crammed it into the crack with a really small flat head screwdriver.

Here's how you'll know it's on. if you look behind the jet chip, you'll see a clip that's made to snap onto the little nipples on the ecm (see purple arrows below)

^^ like i said, once the jet chip's click snags onto the ecm, it's on as far as it'll go (see blue circle above). it will take some surprisingly strategic pushing and smashing, but be careful not to damage your jet chip =)

So, this is what ya got now:

Step 6:
Put ecm back onto firewall and attach wiring harnesses.

Even though i had my intake taken out, it was still a little goofy...with the truck being so tall, etc...i basically stuck it back on the fire wall, and just started the top screw...then stuck the other two screws in their holes and felt around to get them all started. once they were all started, i locked 'em down:

^^ In this picture, the harnesses are not back on - i only slid them on a tiny bit just to make sure everything was lining up correctly (making sure i didn't sprial wires around each other or anything).

like the way your wiring harnesses are resting? go ahead and push them on. You treat the jet chip as if it weren't even there - it's merely a stubby extension of whatever socket it fit into...so just go ahead and smack a harness on it. after trying to attach the jet chip to the ecm, these harnesses go on like butter...so push them until they click.

^^ Now that they're all clicked, push all the red tabs (your finger will easily do the job) back down towards the ecm. They may make a click, but you're trying to FEEL for it locking moreso than LISTEN for it to click.

Step 7:
Attach Battery

Step 8:
Start Car and GO!

If you get a check engine light, call jetperformance. it says if that happens, call them directly and right away =)


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