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Custom Built Computer ??

Old 02-14-2008, 04:55 PM
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Default RE: Custom Built Computer ??

The last time I got a computer I bought all my parts from and put the computer together myself. Their customer service was great. A few months after owning my computer my motherboard shorted out and they exhcanged it for a new one. I can't remember off the top of my head right now, but there were a few other things I have had to return/exchange from them in the past and they have been very easy to deal with. Since I have had good experiences with them I usually buy my computer products from them even though they can be more expensive then places like newegg or tigerdirect.
Old 02-14-2008, 10:54 PM
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Default RE: Custom Built Computer ??

I read this entire post and I see both sides of it...... so here's my .02

Building your own computer is a great choice if you have the time, the know how, and the ability to do so. You can customize just about anything be it colors, fans, cooling systems, etc...and you can build it at your own speed and when you can afford it. However, this is not a practical thing for most people....and much like cars, is generally better left to people who do it for a living. This is by no means to say that you cant or shouldnt have an interest or try it, but just understand it can be difficult.

Buying a pre-built computer is also a great choice, if you have the money and dont mind not having as many customizable options. Sure, you can customize parts and options, but you generally cant change case colors or designs, and often have to take rather plain looking equipment (when compared to cases that you can get in the aftermarket). You do usually get better warranty service and easier access to tech support, but often they like to b.s. you around for every problem.

It really just boils down to what you want.....and how much you are willing to spend....

I have a quad core Dell XPS 410 - almost a terabyte of storage - 4gb of 667mhz ram - 640mb Nvidia 8800GTS video card - and the machine runs like a pro. I've had zero issues with the system. It does EVERYTHING I need it to do.....

Computer work - data recovery
DJ'ing and audio creation
Mixing mp3s
Ripping &burning DVD's
DVD Creation

I think it just depends on if you do your homework and how well you know what you need...

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