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JoshRP 09-25-2018 07:33 PM

Crank, No Start, No Spark P1391 Stressed Out
Computer reads
P1391 Bad CKP/ Bad CMP / Jumped or Stretched

There was a P0700 and something else but it went away?

Okay been pulling my hair out over this got a 2000 Dodge Intrepid R/T 3.5L and it just died and will not start the engine cranks but produces no spark.
I have investigated many factors and just wanted to run my findings by others before I just give up and blow the POS to hell.

Replaced both Cam and Crank sensors I get 8 volts (Should this be 12 volts?) perfect connection to ground and 5 volts out of the wiring.
After changing the sensors and clearing the computer and trying to crank over there was no check engine light staying on (Not that the check engine light came on before...) car would not start but no new codes are being set which blows my mind!

Get 12 volts at the coils when the car is cranked ecu is not pulling the voltage over the coil though. (Do ECU fail often?)

Timing belt is still attached but loose however if its a timing belt issue being an interference engine I have grim prospects for being able to save it...

So my questions are if I do a compression test what compression am I expecting to see?
Then would the flex plate being damaged cause it to still turn over but not spark because the sensor cannot create an accurate reading?

Then if the problem is the jumped or stretched timing belt like the code says what are the chances of being able to save this engine?

JoshRP 09-29-2018 04:17 PM

Fixed turns out the timing belt was off two maybe 3 teeth and it did not do any damage to the engine so crisis avoided.

Never known that to cause no spark but guess if the cam and crank signals are not matching that would be good enough to do it.

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