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closeracing 04-20-2008 10:14 AM

RE: major problems with 6.7 cummins
I bought an 07 ram 2500 with the new cummins 6.7 on dec 31 of 07. Monday it is going back to the dealer for the 4th time.
The last 3 had an error code "turbo boost pressure below threshold". It has been desooted twice had the EGR cleaned, the software updated to 08 specs and the turbo replaced, noone seems to be able to fix it and I am tired of leaving it at the dealership every month.
Anyone have any insight? I love the way the truck drives but I cant afford to take it in all the time. This is my 3rd dodge diesel and my 4th dodge pickup and I've never had these problems before with any other truck. If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate your input before I take it back to the dealership, they cant seem to figure it out and I am afraid I may have to pursue the lemon law.

jimmyshorts 04-20-2008 12:43 PM

RE: major problems with 6.7 cummins
They cant set up the high idle with my manual tranny. I guess I need a kit from Cummins(something to do with the neutral switch). I wonder how much that is gonna cost me?

Splicer 04-20-2008 04:47 PM

RE: major problems with 6.7 cummins
The high idle enable for the manual trans missions needs some sort of small wiring harness that hooks to the computer it basically connnects somepins on the ECU it shouldn't cost much. I think others have even made the harness and connected the pinsthemselves.

bs5spinna 08-04-2009 05:29 PM

Just curious as to how those who have had issues are doing now? I just took my 07 in for what seems to be a similar problem. I dont have the low idle time though, I almost always tow with the truck and at 18k miles havent had a single issue til now. I was told to drive with the jake brake on all the time, but heard mixed opinions on that.

I seem to have no turbo and when I'm driving highway speed and take my foot off the gas pedal the truck jolts and jerks when the gas is reapplied.

Would like to hear what others are experiencing with the ECU flashes, etc.


bs5spinna 08-09-2009 10:12 PM

bumpity bump? - anyone....anyone? bueller....bueller?

purplhrt91 08-18-2009 11:22 PM

I traded my 05 for the 2009 6.7. I let mine idle often, and sometimes for up to and over an hour. No problems.
As far as difference, haven't really noticed any. My 2005 pulled my 38' Montana 5th wheel just as good as my 2009 with the 6.7 It is alot quieter inside the cab compared to my 05. I guess that would be all the emissions crap thats on there. Gotta fix that, because i really want to hear my truck whistle.

rshackleford 08-28-2009 11:50 PM

traded 06 for 07. very happy. love the engine brake. no issues with exhaust yet.

cyclone429 08-29-2009 12:58 AM

A while back, I test drove a 6.7 CTD quad cab long box 4x4 with a 6sp, I found the performance ( empty ) not a hell of a lot better than my reg cab hemi ( empty ) with the 6sp, booth 6sp s are geared for torque. For kicks, I towed a 8,000 pound travel trailer with booth trucks, yup, the 6.7 out pulled the hemi, but not enough to convince me to pay extra.
Booth trucks had the 373 ltd slip

The last CTD I drove was 05 5.9 automatic in a 2500 quad cab, that truck could tow a new CTD, my hemi and the 8,000 pound trailer with out any effort, I find the 5.9 have way more power.

corsair 08-29-2009 02:00 AM

I just have an 8' camper and a 16' boat that I take in and out of the bush and to some nice road lakes. I have no complaints about the truck ( 06 2500 4x4 cummins) If we do not move then there will be a small 5th wheel going behind so that we can still haul the boat behind the 5th wheel.

bs5spinna 08-30-2009 12:17 PM

Turns out the issue was with the turbo/engine brake? I guess if you arent using the engine brake all of the time it gets carbon build up on it and needs to be de-sooted (if thats a term). The dealer took care of it, and I have my power and the whistle of the turbo back.

I still seem to have a jerk in the down shifting of the tranny when I'm towing our 33ft 5th wheel but others had attributed that to the hitch we're running. I have noticed with the engine brake on and some finess I can minimalize how often and how violent it is.

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