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Diesel engines, Mods and your warranty.


Old 04-11-2008, 10:17 PM
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Default Diesel engines, Mods and your warranty.

This info went out to all dealers. It applies to 5.9's and 6.7's. 5.9's don't have to worry about the DPF part of this, but the rest is the same for the 5.9L. Dealers are supposed to be on the lookout for these issues. This post is to help keep you informed...

• To advise of the inclusion of Exhaust After treatment components in order to be compliant
with EPA 2010 Diesel Emission requirements.
• To highlight the new vehicle limited Warranty Coverage associated with the installation of
aftermarket add-on components to a 6.7L Diesel.
• To provide cause and effect information for aftermarket add-on components to a 6.7L Diesel
Effective immediately.
The increased interest in aftermarket components and performance equipment, and its subsequent
installation by vehicle owners, has resulted in repair situations that may jeopardize the warranty
coverage of the vehicle. A reference sheet, included with this bulletin, has been developed to help
identify common 6.7L Diesel add-on components and modifications and their potential effect on
factory component failures. Please ensure that all service and parts personnel have reviewed this
document and attached reference sheet and refer to it if they suspect a factory component failure may
have resulted from a Diesel aftermarket add-on component or modification.
The 2007 6.7L Cummins Diesel engine package includes a number of exhaust after treatment
components which are required to meet the stringent 2010 EPA NoX and Particulate matter
emissions. The system includes a Cooled EGR system, a sulfur oxide catalyst, nitrogen oxide
catalyst, and a Diesel Particulate Filter. Installing any aftermarket add-on components to the engine
system could render these systems inoperable, or cause severe damage to the components.
Refer to Section 3, What’s Not Covered, in the Vehicle Warranty Information Booklet for complete
details regarding the installation and use of aftermarket components, highlights of which are listed
TO: Dealer Principal, Service Mgr., Parts Mgr., and
Warranty Claims Administrator
SUBJECT: Warranty Coverage Guidelines Associated
With Aftermarket Add-on Components to the 6.7L
Cummins Diesel Engine Ram Truck

Certain changes that you make to a vehicle do not, by themselves, void the warranties described in
this booklet. Examples of some of these changes are:
• Installing non-Chrysler LLC (“Chrysler”) parts, components, or equipment (…Chrysler
radio or speed control)
But your warranties do not cover any part that Chrysler did not supply or is not certified for use on
your vehicle. Nor do they cover the costs of any repairs or adjustments that might be caused or
needed because of the installation or use of such parts, components, equipment, materials, or
Performance or racing parts are considered to be non-Chrysler parts. Repairs or adjustments
caused by their use are not covered under your warranties.
Racing Not Covered
Your warranties do not cover the costs of repairing damage or conditions caused by racing, nor do
they cover the repair of any effects that are found as the result of participating in a racing event.
Note: This would also include the sport of Truck Pulling.
If the vehicle is believed to be abused due to the installation of add-on component parts or racing
activity, all information should be documented and presented to your District Manager for review
and possible vehicle component restriction.
If you sell and /or install Mopar Performance parts, refer to the Mopar Performance Catalog for
specific warranty coverage regarding Mopar performance parts, some excerpts of which are listed
No Parts Warranty
As referenced in all Mopar Performance Catalogs, Mopar Performance parts are sold “as is”
unless otherwise noted. This means that the parts sold by Mopar Performance carry no warranty
whatsoever...The addition of performance parts does not by itself void a vehicle’s warranty.
However, added performance parts (parts not originally supplied on the vehicle from the factory)
are not covered by the vehicle’s warranty and any failure that they may cause is also not covered by
the vehicle’s warranty.
Note: For information related to the 5.9L Diesel, refer to Warranty Bulletin D-05-28.
Please ensure that all affected personnel are aware of this bulletin.
Typical MODIFICATIONS Found On Chrysler 6.7L Diesel

Turbo Boost Controllers
Manual or Electronic which increase the amount of turbo boost allowed by the ECM.
Turbo Intercooler Sprayer
Manual or Electronic which provide a cooling mist of water spray on to the intercooler. This
increases the cooling capability for compressed air, increases air density and produces
more power.
High flow custom air intake systems
Custom air intake systems allow for maximum air flow which increases power but may
reduce the filtering capabilities allowing more dirt to pass through.
High flow custom exhaust systems
Custom exhaust systems allow for maximum exhaust flow reducing backpressure and
increasing power.
Over sized intercoolers
Higher cooling capability for compressed air increases air density and produces more
Oversized (higher boost) Turbo larger turbine
Provides more air and high pressure into the combustion chamber.
High performance Powertrain Control Module (PCM) or Engine Control
Module (ECM)

Greatly change engine calibration and performance.
Propane Kits
Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) systems add additional fuel to the combustion chamber which
increases power.
Nitrous Oxide Kits
Nitrous Oxide (NO) systems add additional oxygen to the combustion chamber which
increases power.
Oversized fuel injectors/fuel rails and regulators
Allowing for more fuel to be delivered into the combustion chambers increases power.
Diesel performance enhancing equipment.
This equipment causes the engine to make more power by increasing the amount of fuel
and air available to the engine.
Typical FAILURES Caused By Aftermarket Modifications:
Burnt pistons
Pistons, rings, and lands showing signs of overheating and burning. In many cases the
pistons may be burnt down the side of the piston skirt. In Diesel engines this can be caused
by performance enhancing devices adding more fuel to the engine resulting in much hotter
combustion temperatures.
Burnt valves.
See Burnt Pistons
Exhaust/Catalytic Converter Melt downs (melted catalyst bricks)/
Cracked manifolds

See Burnt Pistons. Very high exhaust temperatures due to very rich fuel mix levels and
unburned fuel entering the exhaust system.
Exhaust/Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) cracked
See Oversized fuel injectors/fuel rails and regulators. Very high soot generation due to very
rich fuel mix levels and excessive unburned fuel entering the exhaust system.
Catalyst/Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) straight pipes
An exhaust pipe installed in place of the catalytic converters and the DPF. This causes the
ECU to set codes and causes the system to be out of compliance for emissions.
Burnt or Blown fuel injectors
See Burnt Pistons. Fuel injector body cracks can result in raw fuel leaking into the
crankcase diluting the oil.
Spun Rod, Main Bearings and Blown Head Gaskets
See Burnt Pistons. Also, caused by higher than acceptable turbo boost pressures; rods,
mains and head gaskets can not handle the extreme pressure put on them by the
increased power.
Diesel fuel injection pump.
Look for seizure or cracks in the pump.
Repeated overheating
All of the above.
Transmission, Clutch, Driveshaft or Axle Damage
Diesel power enhancing devices can put excessive stress on transmission, clutch,
driveshaft and/or axle components resulting in premature failure
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Old 04-11-2008, 10:43 PM
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Default RE: Diesel engines, Mods and your warranty.

good info. . .

going to make this a sticky for a while just so people will be informed.
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Old 04-12-2008, 03:19 PM
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Default RE: Diesel engines, Mods and your warranty.

Any information on muffler elimination kits and warranty issues? Geno's Garage has one and I think Carson Dodge in Carson City, NV also has some improvement packages.

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Old 04-17-2008, 08:59 PM
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Default RE: Diesel engines, Mods and your warranty.

Dave, Thanks for posting this, now I know a little more in what they'll be looking for and hopefully I won't have any problems.
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Old 05-15-2008, 11:17 AM
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Default RE: Diesel engines, Mods and your warranty.

What about a DPF back exhaust? There are a few out there and I wanted to put one on and as I look at it, it doesn't remove any of the 2010 smog equipment so what do you think? I'm sure it would be something that the dealer would look at and have to decide if they wanted to be nice or not if something with the exhaust of DPF was causing issues huh!
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Old 05-18-2008, 12:49 AM
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Default RE: Diesel engines, Mods and your warranty.

Hey Dave, I know a while back you were testing the claims of some of the programmers ability to be untraceable, did you ever come to a definitive answer? As you may remember I had a fairly heated exchange with my dealership about some repairs and since I had gauges (egt, trans temp and boost), Maghytec trans and diff covers I was expecting the dealer to ask me if I had used a programmer (I know they would have liked to throw it back into my lap). But they never even asked. I don’t have one now or ever installed one on my truck so I assume that, however they check, they are confident that they can verify if someone has or has not used one.
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Old 05-20-2008, 09:49 PM
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Default RE: Diesel engines, Mods and your warranty.

It's clearly say's "high flow custom exhaust systems" The exhaust system would be from the exhaust manifold all the way to the tail pipe, and anything inbetween. I bet that's how Chrysler looks at it.

I can see it now.A servicemanager telling me, " well you put on that aftermarket muffler, even though everything else is bone stock, that aftermarket muffler added more power, that extra power is what caused your torque coverter to start slipping. Ya, that's not going to be covered under warranty."

Unless your truck is bone stock, they can come up with a reason for anything to void warranty if they want to.
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Old 05-20-2008, 10:11 PM
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Default RE: Diesel engines, Mods and your warranty.

but the dealership has to prove that the mod you made directly caused the problem. David did some 'testing' on my truck while he had it for some repairs, and yes he did find signs that there was a possability that the ECM was monkyed with, but couldnt realy find any smoking gun.
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Old 05-20-2008, 10:53 PM
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Default RE: Diesel engines, Mods and your warranty.

That's what i'm saying. While I know it's horse ship, and you know it's horse ship. I think between a service manager and all his techs putting their heads together, they could pretty much prove anything, and come up with reasoning why aftermarket part A, damaged OEM part B. Even if the two arent in direct relation to each other. They could "find" a way to prove it. I would like to give a little more credit to the dealership though and think they would never do this.....But I can't. Regardless, it's a slippery slop when you want to mod your vehicle, and try to retain the factory no matter what.
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Old 05-26-2008, 06:01 PM
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Default RE: Diesel engines, Mods and your warranty.

does switching over to synsethic oil void the warranty????
Thanks, Burt
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