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tpms light and red security light finally OFF!!

Old 03-14-2017, 09:27 PM
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Default tpms light and red security light finally OFF!!

alright guys

i have a 2010 dodge ram 2500 6.7 cummins

so im writing this so that it might help someone someday...

couple years back my truck one day had dead batteries, i couldnt find the problem so i just left it as is for a long time.

i noticed when i tried to remote start my truck the dash said hood ajar, therefore preventing it from starting with the remote, found my hood latch sensor was bad, so i replaced that and bam batteries quit dying but my tpms and security were still on..... hmmmm....

so i replaced all 4 wheel sensors, still both lights on, what could it be i said to myself, so i thought theres gotta be some antenna or reciever of some sort that these wheel sensors transmit to.

i found the tpms module, i replaced that amd bam security light off, but tpms was still on, so i drove the truck here and there and a couple days later bam the sensors began reading, yay!! i was excited, i put on my light load setting cause my tires are not stock and call for a lower psi than the truck calls for, so now i have no lights on in the dash and im all fixed up
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Old 03-16-2017, 11:06 PM
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dodge cummins needs e-rated tires esp. on the front
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