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cloud3648 10-06-2011 02:39 AM

interested in buying this 91 Dodge Stealth Twin Turbo VR4
hey im interested in this stealth ive talked to the seller and he says the cruise ctrl doesnt work, and it needs a new rubber lining for the windshield. it has about 200k miles on it. few questions. i am coming from a 240sx so i know how to work on cars.

whats mileage like on the tt vr4 model?

1. is this car considerably difficult to work on?

2. what are the common problems with this car?

3. are parts cheap?

4. ive heard about leaking caps on the ecu. would i just replace the caps with newer gens ones, or should i rebuild the ecu?

thanks guys here is the post nice to meet you guys hope to be part of the team. :icon_rally:

Hans_GZP 10-12-2011 08:23 AM

200k is a lot of miles on a twin turbo. You will wan to check for smoking on decel and at idle. Check the oil pressure as well.

I work on them daily, so they are easy for me... but for a newb, they can be quite difficult to work on.

I would get the ecu rebuilt before it goes bad. That's a common problem as well as the ECS computer.

Parts aren't too bad. Some of the more rare stuff can get expensive, but most parts are pretty reasonable.

With 91's, you will want to yank the t-case and check the condition of the output shaft. They strip more often on the 91's and early 92's with the 18 spline shaft.

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