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DodgeStealth93 08-29-2017 03:02 AM

Dodge Stealth ATX Weird Shifting
I have a 1995 Dodge Stealth RT Sport with the automatic F4A33 transmission! The transmission has shifted beautifully for a long time since its been in the car for about a year and a half or so! Lately it has been shifting weird! From 1st to 2nd gear is where i am experiencing problems. At times it will shift rough from 1st into 2nd gear! It feels like its slipping in 2nd gear but then it grabs and both 3rd and 4th gear shift perfectly! Its only during the transition from 1st to 2nd gear! After driving a little while after the trans warms up shifting improves and no longer causes an issue! There are some days when it shifts smoothly all day but other days it wants to slip as soon as it hits 2nd gear! I am hoping the transmission isnt going bad! Checked the fluid level in neutral and it is right where it should be still a perfect red color not varnished at all fluid doesnt smell burnt or anything! Added Lucas transmission fix stop slip and the problem continues! Transmission has a brand new neutral safety switch! Im thinking it could be the TCU but if it were wouldnt it not shift at all? I just dont wanna let this problem continue any longer! Ive been told it could be the end clutch which controls overdrive but the ON/OFF button on the shifter works and responds perfectly so i doubt that! Could you please give some opinions or some helpful advice?

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