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Today 11:32 AM

Zero backspacing is perfect as I understand it. Most aftermarket wheels are going to look good and not rub. It's the stock wheels that are the problem. Also, the new control arms will be thinner and...
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Today 11:16 AM

Another thought in case all the above comes to naught, most auto parts stores carry a fluorescent dye pack & black light combo like this...
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Today 11:15 AM

Hello DF, So I have a 91 W-150 with a 46RH and 318, and I was wanting to know about swapping a 440 into it? The donor car is a 71 Three Hundred with a 440 Super Commando. Car is totaled but its...
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Today 10:45 AM

OK . Up date. So I cleaned and checked the grounds that I can find and added a couple just for good measure. I did go back to some of the earlier work and found some how I bent/shoved one of the two...
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Today 09:56 AM

My drivers side seat will not lock back into the upright position, instead it stays layed all the way back to where i have to put a toolbox behind me to keep the seat upright. any ideas?
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Today 09:56 AM

Sounds Good. I will be dropping the tank here this weekend into next week. Thanks so much for the help yall!
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By: alloro
Today 09:52 AM

The new start could be defective.
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Today 09:52 AM

Ok fellow Dodge owners hereís my problem. I have a 02 Dodge Stratus 2.7L w/168k and it just started making a whining noise yesterday. Itís coming from the drivers side of the engine so Iíve ruled out...
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By: primem
Today 09:29 AM

the purpose of the that tube is refueling vapour recovery...it prevents fumes from escaping to atmosphere when refueling. the tank should vent air thru a evap cannister when refueling not the...
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Today 09:22 AM

Hello.. Thread OP here.. I solved it last night.... I checked the buckle to validate that ground to the green wire with gray tracer is open when unbuckled.. closed when buckled.. I checked...
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Today 08:42 AM

Yes it was. I have a factory 1994 5 speed 4x4 5.2L Dakota.
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Today 08:41 AM

Anything can be done with enough time and money. What kind of "custom" bed did you have in mind? Usually the "chop" is between the back of the cab and before the rear axle. I would box the frame also...
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By: HeyYou
Today 08:22 AM

Moving this to the second gen RAM section..... Any truck with a gas v-8, from 96-2002 will work. (5.2, or 5.9 liter engine) Trouble you run into is the electronics. They changed in 2000, so, on...
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By: RalphP
Today 08:13 AM

The tank will physically fit in all right. It becomes a bit easier to cipher this out if you'll download the parts book for both your 88 and for the donor year truck from the FAQ here; it's...
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Today 08:12 AM

its throwing code--1st.-PO2121. 2nd.--no #, says acc. pedal perfomance sensor #1 low voltage, 3rd.--, acc.pedal perfomance sensor #2--low voltage, no numbers for last two -- does that mean low...
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Today 08:06 AM

Just picked up this ole girl. Traded my 98 for it as I wasn't too motivated to play with it and this is much more my style. Story is it sat for a number of years, and it looks it. Got it started...
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By: HeyYou
Today 07:57 AM

Fix the plenum? (See stickied thread in tech section.) Tuneup? Probably should have done the timing chain/gears while you were in there doing the water pump.... O2 sensors? Especially if they are...
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Today 07:54 AM

Is there an easy way to detach the emergency brake cable from the left rear caliper? A special tool?
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By: HeyYou
Today 07:53 AM

I don't think the frames are the same. Especially right behind the cab, where the frame curves up to the bed mounts.
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By: HeyYou
Today 07:51 AM

Check EBay/Amazon/etc. for manuals. Prices are all over the place. May even be able to find some used paper manuals for cheap.
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