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gass prices

Old 04-07-2005, 03:33 PM
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Default RE: gass prices

100 dollars more on gas is a big deal to me, that's money i could have used to make a payment on my credit card, or better yet, buy a keg.
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Default RE: gass prices


100 dollars more on gas is a big deal to me, that's money i could have used to make a payment on my credit card, or better yet, buy a keg.
I agree, a hundred bucks is a lot of money. I'm not saying that I don't sympathize, but that money could be made up elsewhere if we didn't have so much money being ripped out of our hands before we even got it.
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Default RE: gass prices

ORIGINAL: nickoman01


it's not a big deal for you, but there probably hundreds of people in this forum that it does effect them hell of a lot more than it does you. i drive 60+ miles during workdays and my truck gets 300 miles per fill up (25gal). most cars get twice that on half the size of my tank... do you not see where this IS A HUGE ****ING DEAL? i'm spending $250+ a month on gas alone. plus my insurance is 800 for 6 months. slap on the truck payment and i have a whole lot of money that i'm not able to spend on something else.

i pay 1200 every 6 months for insurance, so i am 400 up on you. i spend probably 150 on gas, so subtract the 100 differnece from 400 and I'm still out paying you by 300. now we both have car payment. i am gonna assume yours is way more then mine, mien is 100. so if you pay 400 a month for car payments, then we are even. the funny part is that i work part time at a grocery store, and i make all of my payments.

Nick, this is what I was talking about before. You have no idea how the real world lives, but someday you will. There are those of us out there who DON'T live under the nice comfy cushion our parents created for us. There is nothing wrong with living under a parental umbrella, until you start acting like other peoples money is somehow not importan to them. You have no clue what you are talking about. Someday you will have a family and a mortgage and you won't have parents around to bail you out. Then maybe you will understand what the rest of these people are trying to say.

Gas prices are a very big deal. There are those of us who commute a long way to work, not the neighboorhood grocery store. My commute is 23 miles each way, my wife drives 48 each way. I have heard 2 different trains of thought on this issue. The first was that the days of cheap gas are long gone. We are just now starting to catch up to the rest of the world. The second theory I heard is that the Big 3 will not allow the gas prices to get too high because it will start affecting the sales of SUV's, and they would lose their collective asses. I do beleive the auto industry has alot of clout, but I don't know if they have that much. Personally, I think the first one is more likely. We have had it too good for too long and now it's time to pay the piper. Good thing I bought a Neon.

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Default RE: gass prices

nick do you realise that when gas goes up it all goes up food, merchandice, shipping, ect.
the economy is herting really bad and i think we should go into our reserves until we figure out another replacment for the good ol conbustion engine

someone needs to figure out how to convert our classics so it will drink something else besides petroleum
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Default RE: gass prices

We buy our oil from Oil Producing Export Countries OPEC middle east (as some of ya'll may know) which in mainly, Iran, Iraq, Saudi's, etc, they determain the price. Soon it will be 80 dollars a barrell, now we are paying 50 dollars a barrel. It's going to be 3 bucks a gallon pretty fast. The US is trying to pump oil from Alaska. But it will take 2 to 3 years for that oil to end up in our gas tanks. The oil that we pump does not go here, it goes to other countries because we are greedy. We sell our oil to other countries. We are probably the cheapest in the world to buy oil from. We will soon pay same as Europe. The reason they raised the price, is to make a statement to us to tell us we have it coming. Hopefully we will be pumping our own from Alaska and it will go down.

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