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possibly more toyota whoes

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possibly more toyota whoes

Old 02-17-2010, 11:41 AM
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Holy crap!!! LMAO!!!!

Did you see their new commercial too? I just saw it yesterday where they are apologizing for everything and to let everyone know that they are working hard to bring back the quality that everyone used to rely on.
Old 02-17-2010, 01:23 PM
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Scrutiny of Toyota is growing. The U.S. Transportation Department has demanded Toyota hand over documents related to its massive recalls. The department wants to know how long the automaker knew of safety defects before taking action.

Reports of deaths in the U.S. connected to sudden acceleration in Toyota vehicles have surged in recent weeks, with the alleged death toll reaching 34 since 2000, according to new consumer data gathered by the U.S. government.

Toyota told NHTSA in January that the problem appeared in Europe beginning in December 2008. Toyota has said it began fixes on that in August 2009, but the company failed to link that with gas pedal problems in the U.S., which surfaced in October 2009.

Toyota took full-page ads in major Japanese newspapers Wednesday to apologize for the recalls in Japan, which affect the flagship Prius hybrid and two other hybrid models.

"We apologize from the bottom of our hearts for the great inconvenience and worries that we have caused you all," the black-and-white ads say.
Old 02-17-2010, 01:23 PM
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hmmmm im enjoying the show, watching toyota crash and burn, i REALLY cant wait to go home and see what my friends, who swear by toyotas, have to say about toyota being better than everyone else now . . .
Old 02-17-2010, 02:26 PM
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http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/who...ower-steering/ Please READ this... the Corolla is not the only auto to use this system, and is not the only system to have problems. The Cobalt has suffered MANY all-out failures. But God-forbid we bring up a "US car" that has problems... right? (Yet alone if it was a Dodge product...)

Being an actual owner of said Corolla, and visting the forums, I know what most of the complaints are.
Most of the complaints are of: having to "constantly" correct the vehicle to go in a straight line (wandering and/or not "precise"), and bad "road feel."
Some complaints are about the vehicle veering to one side or the other -- uncommanded steering or uncommanded oversteer, although I haven't seen the uncommanded issues in the forum I visit.

Again, the Cobalt is also having issues with the exact same thing, and having all-out failure, leaving owners with BIG repair bills.

Other than complete system failure, some of the other problems could probably be solved by a software change.

Let's not act like Dodge never has problems with it's steering systems. Read Gen 3 Dakota or Ram boards. Steering linkage/gear boxes aren't uncommon problem areas. And those are hydraulic systems, not newer-ish age electrical steering!!
Old 02-17-2010, 02:49 PM
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Yea, I find flaws in the "issues started showing up when producing cars in the US."
The issue, I think, is mostly (1) growing too fast, and (2) cost cutting measures; for some of the issues.
Since Toyota didn't make the gas pedal, it's quite obvious that Toyota having factories in the US isn't responsible. Should be noted, however, that the effected gas pedals were produced in the US for Toyota.
Toyota didn't make the effected driveshaft.
And they didn't make the EPS unit.

For the power steering issue, I think it's more of two isses (1) using technology that isn't quite "ready" or proven to be reliable enough yet, and (2) improper implementation of the technology (such as, improper software coding, also the cause of the Prius brake problems!!)

The faulty gas pedals and the faulty driveshafts were made in the US, and put in US-built cars/trucks, but, they were made by other companies, not Toyota.
http://wardsauto.com/ar/jtekt_under_...630/index.html The EPS components are made in the US, too, by JTEKT.
(Note: according to that article, they also supply electric and hydraulic steering components to other makers, like Honda, GM, Chrysler, etc)

By looking into the issues, it would appear that a lot of the issues with Toyota, and other companies, are not the direct issue from the company whose name is on the grill.

Not just Toyota, but other auto makers, and their suppliers, need to learn very fast: quality needs to be improved across the board.
No parts of the line is exempt.
Old 02-17-2010, 06:05 PM
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i dont buy into the excuse of "its not their parts failing". the problem isnt the fact that the vehicles are failing in a variety of ways...the problem is that they knew about it and they did nothing about it. we have had to deal with this nonsense squeaky clean image from toyota for years now and it was all crap...the good news is that the other companies (mainly the big three) have been working to have their quality meet the perceived quality of toyotas vehicles and now that we know that toyota is crap (i knew it all along...people should start listening to me) it makes the big three look good...

i think that this is all fantastic.

ive brought this up before, but has anything like this ever happened before? i know that ford blew off the rear end impact images of the pinto but thats just one model. i cannot think of there ever having been a recall of this proportion...esstentially covering an entire brand for a decades worth of vehicles...

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