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Transmission problems limp mode. No 1st, No Overdrive 2004 Dodge Dakota

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Old 04-19-2011, 01:59 AM
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Angry Transmission problems limp mode. No 1st, No Overdrive 2004 Dodge Dakota

Transmission problems limp mode I believe. No 1st, No Overdrive 2004 Dodge Dakota 4.7L, 45RFE , 4X4;; Transmission problems limp mode I believe. No 1st, No Overdrive, when shift lever in D, shifting to 2nd produces a lower gear than D(40MPH at 2400 RPM.) In D a speed of 65MPH is 2700 RPM. The codes read with an OTC 3109 are PO700 and PO750, which PO700 I guess is generic, and PO750 is for the tranny Solenoids. I am also getting a MOD $18, and MOD $10 for the ABSLT TPS. Not sure what MOD $18 and $10 are, OTC tech support said they are just hexidecimal codes. I have disconnected the TPS, and only had a coder pertaining to TPS along with tranny codes, however 5 sensors passed, as opposed to only 3 passing with TPS connected. I connected the TPS and tapped on it, with no change in idle. The truck does run smooth, no misses, idles at 590 RPM. The extra sensors passing I believe are Comp component and catalyst mon. but not too sure on that(sorry) The square box around D in instrument cluster is not lit, and I am wondering where to start. Tranny shop said $2800 rebuild, Dodge said not sure for $900 they would put in something above the valve body, and go from there with no guarantee. I am thinking it is electrical wiring, a sensor or possible hydraulic pressure, the tranny has torque to spin the tires forward and reverse. I have driven over 400km like this with no change at all. HELP Where to NEXT??? Ohh and a tranny shop while trouble shooting changed the oil and filters, however the pan filter had silicone chunks in it from the time of the previous owner. The oil was not burnt, nor was there clutch or filings on the bottom of the pan.

Just went for another drive with TPS unplugged and another sensor passed ok status Oxygen sense HTR ok In total 6 sensors passed today compared to max 3 in all the time earlier.

I checked the wiring as per the TSB updates, all seems well, changed the TPS, as it acted weird for the 20k test, there seemed to be inconsistent values at the min and max ends with no difference.

The following was done with caution first. I noticed while rolling... sliding the truck into neutral, stopping the engine, erasing the codes then starting the engine and driving will not produce any codes(no po750 or po700) even after 60 miles of stop and go, however no automatic shifting happens either.

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Old 05-29-2011, 09:54 AM
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Thumbs up P0700 and P0750 repaired

I repaired my tranny. After alot of reading, and trying everything else, speed sensors, engine tune as I read this can set a limp mode I finally changed the solenoid.

I did notice if you unhook the battery, unplug the transmission electrical connector plug, next to the shifter. Then plug it back in, then the lights on the dash may switch between P,R,N,D,2,L. It may do this for up to half an hour, or at least 10 min. Obviously the computer could not read what it needed. This test would be alot easier than trying to find a bad wire, which in my case there wasn't.

Picked up a used RFE. Swapped the valve body, and solenoids as one unit into my Dakota, removed and inspected the return filter(which possibly was installed incorrectly as it seemed the connecting nipple filter to housing was upside down). Nevertheless, after installing the valve body and solenoids from another RFE the dash lights went across once, and stayed in park. I have all the 5 gears and the truck runs about 1600 RPM at 65 mph. All shifts awesome. I have pictures will see if I can upload. I only was able to upload 5 photos, not sure if it will make sense. To the best of my knowledge, after having the transmission apart, and from what the transmission shop said there are no bands to worry about in the RFE it is electronically controlled.

No need to reprogram the PCM or TCM, once the problem was rectified, codes went away and all worked.

Hope this helps

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Old 05-30-2011, 06:11 AM
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Old 05-30-2011, 04:39 PM
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replace the solenoids and adjust the bands. AND cross your fingers. I had the same problem and the final solution was a tranny rebuild.
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Default No Reverse

Hi I have a 2004 Dodge Dakota 4x4 V6 that has no reverse. Runs fne and all other gears are fine. My son go it stuck and I think that is why the reverse doen't work. But no lights on in the dash or anything. Just won't back up at all? Any ideas as too what this could be?
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