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2nd Gen Durango 2004 - 2009

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ETC light and code P2173

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Old 12-08-2008, 02:25 PM
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Default ETC light and code P2173

P2173 High AirFlow/ Vacuum Leak Detected (Slow Accumulation).

This is the code I get after using cruise control for a length of time and then coming off the highway with just break. If I take it out of cruise and give it gas manually it seems not to do this. The truck runs rough and surges, but after turing off it is fine.

I took it to a Dodge dealer in GA and they claim they had a previous customer with the same problem and same intake. They just say to go back to stock intake. This is a new problem and I have had the intake on since almost new. The tube just replaces everything from the airbox to the throttle body.

2004 durango hemi 57000 miles. Any clues? I have also had the pcm flashed, years ago.

Thanks in advance.

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