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Front License Plate Bracket

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Old 05-17-2005, 02:35 PM
cmeddin cmeddin is offline
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Default Front License Plate Bracket

Does anyone know if there are aftermarket license plate brackets for the '04/'05 models?

I just bought a '05 Durango Limited last week and the parts department says there are 11 different models of the front bumper, but no pics to see them. What do people in states that require a front plate do about that? Do you have a diffrent bumper? Do you have a bracket? I can't imagine you just screwed your plate right into the has to be out there.

I badly want to put "Yeah, It's Got A Hemi" on the front.

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Old 05-23-2005, 09:06 PM
RAB356 RAB356 is offline
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Default RE: Front License Plate Bracket

I didn't have an option......the dealer screwed in a plate frame, right into the bumper.......
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Old 02-25-2006, 02:17 AM
Offroad Hemi Offroad Hemi is offline
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Default RE: Front License Plate Bracket

Same here, right into the bumper. There are 4 dots on the bumper where you have to drill the holes. Then install the screws. I got the YEAH ITS GOT A HEMI bracket on the front. I wanted it on the back, but to keep the licence plate from rattling I need all 4 screws on the tailgate. So I installed it on the front with 2 screws.
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Old 02-27-2006, 03:19 PM
dodgeybloke dodgeybloke is offline
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Default RE: Front License Plate Bracket

you can use one of the slip over jackets like you get from dealerships that have their names on it. Just ask the dealership to give you one. I had the same problem when i bought my D, they replaced the bumper, and it didnt have the bracket. They told me the same that i had to mount it right to the frame also, but i didnt want to do that. i didnt like the idea of the sharp edges touching the vehicle.

The one i have is plastic, and the plate slides down into it like an envelope. It was originally on the back of my truck, but i took it off to see what the mounting holes there looked like, and it had these little square pieces of plastic over the screw holes to raise the plate away from the body of the truck. I assume these plastic dealys should have been on the front as well, but werent since it was a replacement bumper.

So i just took the plate jacket off of the back and moved it to the front. Then i put, the rear license plate back on and covered it with one of those plastic plate covers to keep water out. It works fine for me.

I don't get why dealerships, and mechanic shops didnt suggest that i just swicth the one from the back to the front. I had some really bizzare suggestions as to how to mount it. One guy told me to put a piece of vinyl under the license plate, cut out around the plate then glue the vinyl to the back of the plate, then mount it. Too much effort.

Try that itll save you alot of headaches and keep the plate away from the vehicle.

If you need a pic ill try to get one.

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