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01 Grand Caravan Windshield Motor problem

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Old 08-29-2007, 04:44 PM
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Default 01 Grand Caravan Windshield Motor problem

Hi everyone,

I used the search button for my issue but didn't find anything so...here's my post. The wife was driving home in her 2001 Grand Caravan this afternoon. It was raining pretty hard and the wipers got stuck in the middle of the windshield while driving down the highway..great timing... She made it home and I just got the chance to take a look. When the wipers are turned on, they do not move, just a loud humming noise coming from the firewall area. I looked at the fuse and it doesn't appear to be burned.

Any ideas?


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Old 08-29-2007, 09:52 PM
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Default RE: 01 Grand Caravan Windshield Motor problem

i would think that the electric motor for the wipers has siezed or something is keeping the wiper assembly from movingbecause the motor willhum when its overloaded
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Old 09-19-2007, 02:08 PM
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Default RE: 01 Grand Caravan Windshield Motor problem

I recently tried replacing my windshield wiper motor since it had been behaving erratically - ie working only on high speed, wouldn't shut off consistently, etc. In the process of doing that I discovered the "real" problem.... and that is that there is anelectrical connector right above the battery, that connects the wiper motor to the electrical harness. Due to it's location (ie splashing droplets of battery acid, fumes, etc) the metal contacts inside of the connector were EXTREMELY corroded, in fact, the wiper's motor feed back control wipers were completely corroded away. I had to essentially cut every wire, and replace them with crimp on electrical connectors, and then tape the whole thing up.

I would recommend anyone with "Weird Wipers" check this connector before assuming that the motor is bad.

After I replaced this connector... everything wiper related has been working perfectly.

One other thing... if you do have to replace the wiper motor... be extremely careful when loosening the myriad mounting bolts that have to be removed so that the linkage assembly can be raised up to physically remove the wiper motor... do not pry too hard on anything. I wound up with a windshield crack created by a flying washer that popped off one of the bolts.

The bottom edge of the windshield is exposed... and very fragile... the slightest impact to the edge can cause a crack. Due to the stresses on that large of a windshield... it very quickly spread to affect the whole windshield.

Very disheartening to have that happen, let me tell you.

Good luck!
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