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1996 Caravan Wipers Won't Turn Off

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Old 12-17-2007, 04:56 AM
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Default 1996 Caravan Wipers Won't Turn Off

Can someone help me find more details on TSB 083198 ?

Wipers would intermittent come on then off(@ low speed) but now now on all the time.
.....But with keyturned off they park normally.
Ohmed out Muti Function Switch (Ohmed OK per service manual)
Swapped Low and High SpeedWiper Relays, no change.
What left Body Control Module (BCM) and the wiring harness?
If it is the BCM (bucks deluxe?)I think I will cut the harness amd install toggle switches as this is my beater workcar.

All I could find on TSB 083198
1996 DODGE CARAVAN TSB 083198 Details
1996 Dodge Caravan Recalls & TSB's >> Recall Lookup >> 1996 >> Dodge >> Caravan
Bulletin #: 083198
Sequence #: 601563
Date: 06/26/1998
Component Name: 136000 visibility:windshield wiper/washer
Make: Dodge
Model: Caravan
Year: 1996
Summary: Windshield wipers self-actuate while driving or will not turn off. *ak
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Old 12-26-2007, 06:15 PM
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Default RE: 1996 Caravan Wipers Won't Turn Off

yes, i have a 96 grandvoyager (sister to the caravan). it started having this issue. the intermittent would go a few times before stopping. a few times they havent stopped at all. they continue 2-5 cycles after being turned off. i replaced the multiswitch, which 'seemed' to help at first. then they started acting up again. so replacing the relays did not help at all eh? that was my next attempt to fix. the TSB looks to also cover the 'phantom wipers' this model is known for, turning themselves on. i have no idea what the BCM is...

if it keeps aggravating me i may go with the toggle switch as well[:@]
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Old 12-26-2007, 07:39 PM
teamdoughnut teamdoughnut is offline
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Default RE: 1996 Caravan Wipers Won't Turn Off

BCM stands for Body Control Module. It is a "Black Box", with 100 or so connections. The BCM is behind the inside fuse block. It does lots of things but it also runs the Low Speed Wiper Relay and does the time delay "calculation"for the wipers.

I think the solution is stated in the TSB (Technical Service Buletin), TSB 083198.

Can someone help me find more details on TSB 083198 ? I do not have access or know where to get the details.

If the TSB says replace the BCM----I am cutting the wire that controls the coil of the low speed wiper relay and wiring it to a toggle switch.
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Old 04-04-2008, 07:34 PM
teamdoughnut teamdoughnut is offline
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Default RE: 1996 Caravan Wipers Won't Turn Off

I finally fix this problem by opening the connectors on the multi-function switch (under the steering column) and coating them with some special dielectric grease that is made to improve electrical connections. This is special clear grease used to prevent corrosion on tough connections like trailer hitch tail-light wiring connections.
I also removed the connectors to the BCM (Body Control Module) and put a light coat on the ends of the two large connectors although I don’t think this is what fixed it. Disconnect the negative battery cable when breaking these connections.
I was getting an intermittent open on the multi-function switch connector under the steering column. When the BCM see infinite Ohms---the wipers run.
Since I have done this, the wipers have been working fine for over a month.
My 96 Caravan has had lots of wiring connection problems.
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