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Spark Plug Wire Routing (please help)

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Old 07-14-2011, 09:48 PM
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Default Spark Plug Wire Routing (please help)

Ok I really hope I don't get my @$$ handed to me because of this question, because my car handed it to me this afternoon.

I went to do a tune up on my 1996 2.5L V6 Stratus and everything went well until I went to replace the spark plug wires. I MISTAKENLY removed all of the wires at once and did not match the new wires with the old.

Now I cannot figure out the proper set up for the car because every combination I try, it seems that getting the wire from cylinder 1 to the cap is short. (Cylinder 1 is the ONLY wire not connected)

The plugs on bank 1 (easily accessible without removing intake) are cylinders 1-2-3, the plugs on bank 2 (accessible after removing intake) 4-5-6

#1 on the cap is the farthest away.

can someone PLEASE tell me the routing for #1 or post a DETAILED photo/s of how the wires are routed to the cap?

Thank VERY MUCH in advance
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