2010 Dodge Challenger Preview: R/T, SRT-8, and Plum Crazy Cuda

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The 2010 Dodge Challenger looks to build off of the success of the first two years of the model and, while there is no official word on the addition of a larger engine, the Challenger will receive a handful of minor additions for 2010.

The Challenger SE and R/T will be offered with the same powertrain
options (sadly, still no manual transmission with the V6), but the SE
and R/T will receive the option of Uconnect Multimedia packaged with
Sound Group 1 and 2, as well as steering wheel stereo controls.  The
R/T is getting standard automatic headlights, LED cupholders, and door
handle lights; all of which will be offered on the Challenger SE as

The most exciting news for now comes to the Challenger SRT-8.  The 2010
model year marks the 40th anniversary of the introduction of the famous
Mopar e-bodies, and Plum Crazy Cudas and Challengers are still among
the most sought after as far as paint choices so for the 2010 Special
Edition SRT-8 Challengers, Plum Crazy will be the featured color.  A
Plum Crazy Pearl Coat paint job, Plum Crazy interior highlights, and a
serialized dash plaque separate these special edition models from the
other 2010 SRT-8s, and with the 425 horsepower, 6.1L Hemi mated with a
6-speed manual transmission these models will surely be as famous as
the original Hemi Challengers.

The 2010 Dodge Challenger, be it the SE, R/T, or SRT-8, will feature
all of the interior and exterior options as the previous models, with a
wide selection of vintage stripes, badges, and wheels allowing for more
customization right from the dealership.

There are still widespread rumors about a new, higher horsepower engine
for the Challenger and while these rumors are supported by inside tips
about engine testing, no word has been given from Chrysler about larger
engines for 2010.

– Patrick Rall

There is little talk about performance details for the coming Challenger. Worried or excited? Chrysler is in a tough spot, but will they fail to take a step forward with their most prized performer? What do you want to see in the specs for the new Challenger?

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