2013 SRT Viper First Teaser

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It might be only a teaser, but the 2013 SRT Viper already bears the hallmark of its Dodge predecessor. Double bubble roof? Check. Hood scoop? Check. Venomous snake emblem? Check and check.

While the new model will be developed under the SRT Brand, I can’t help
but wonder about the future of this car. The teaser just lets me know
that “it’s a Viper” without any guarantee that it hasn’t been ruined. I
trust it hasn’t, but after all Dodge and Chrysler have been through
in the past few years… I’m worried.

This car needs to be a vision of passion–reckless passion. The type of car that 13-year old boys dream about driving when they’re older, and
the kind their mothers pray they never get. It needs a V10 that’s big enough to
swallow the whole world stuffed under a hood that’s too long to be
practical. Its lines should be sweeping and graceful, like the vicious
curve of a fang.

The styling cues from the teaser are great and all, but I want to see
this thing! What do you guys think? Let me know in the Forum!

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