Cool Million: Obama’s 300 is Up for Auction

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obama.jpgby John Coyle
Dodge Forum

Yup, it’s got a Hemi. Obama ditched this ride for a hybrid back when he decided to run for President. And while it might be cool to have the Commander in Chief’s old wheels, and I know that he’s popular all over the world, I seriously think that the woman handling this sale is high. On crack.

And meth. And probably a whole host of other controlled substances. Because the starting bid is a million bucks. In American dollars. What the hell is this woman thinking? The Pope’s old VW only went for around 250K, and he’s–I don’t know–the Pope. Here’s the full description from the auction:

This auction is a serious auction, and please keep it as such. Ebay is not a playground. We understand that many in this great country of ours have differing political views. Please keep your comments concerning the upcoming election out of this ebay auction, this is not the proper arena for those opinions. If you win this auction, what you do with the Obama car after it is paid for is up to you….. you can put it in a museum, proudly drive it, or, you can use it as part of a Republican publicity stunt during the 2012 Election campaign – whatever you want once its bought & paid for…… I think just owning this vehicle would give the buyer a lot of coverage in the Press – maybe even $1 million worth of free publicity.

Head over to eBay for more info on this sure-to-fail sale!

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