2013 SRT Viper GTS VIN #001 rolls off of the assembly line

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Today at the Connor Avenue Plant in Detroit, 2013 SRT Viper
GTS VIN #001 rolled off of the assembly line surrounded by a crowd of people including
the crew that built the supercar, SRT boss Ralph Gilles, Chrysler and Fiat CEO
Sergio Marchionne and the future owner of the first Viper – Scott Thomas – who bought
the wife and son along to meet their new high performance Mopar sports car.  In the image above Scott Thomas is standing
with his wife and son on the right side of the screen next to company CEO
Sergio Marchionne. SRT boss Ralph Gilles stands on the passenger side of the
Viper with his hand resting on the hood.

It is a bit interesting that 2013 SRT Viper GTS #001 is not
wearing the limited edition launch edition package that adds a handful of
unique attributes including a GTS Blue paint scheme with dual white stripes.  If it was me and I won the very first SRT
Viper ever produced, I would want it to be sporting the most limited edition
form to enhance the future collector’s value. 
At the same time, having been privy to see the new Viper GTS in this
gorgeous deep metallic red paint scheme – I can understand why it was chosen as
it looks incredible in person.  However,
regardless of the color or how rare this particular package may be, the Thomas
family is a fortune group to be the proud owners of a major piece of both
American motoring history and Chrysler history. 
Not only is 2013 Viper #001 the very first of the new generation Viper,
but it is also the very first production vehicle from the Street and Racing
Technology brand.  Prior to the Viper,
SRT only handled trimlines of cars like the Charger and Challenger but with the
Viper – SRT has their first branded vehicle…and what a vehicle it is.

Scott Thomas, who resides in the Oklahoma City area, won the
first production level 2013 SRT Viper GTS at the Barrett Jackson Auto Auction
where he had a winning bid of $300,000. 
That money will go to benefit the Austin Hatcher Foundation – a charity
group that raises money to support pediatric cancer research and care for
patients.  I suggest that all of you
visit the charity website by clicking here to see what they are all about.

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discuss this incredible new American supercar!

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