2014 Dodge Durango to get Charger “race track” tail lights

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There have long been rumors that the Dodge Durango will be
killed off for the 2015 model year but according to attendees at the recent
Chrysler Group national dealer convention; one of the vehicles on display was a
refreshed Durango that will come for the 2014 model year.  The most significant feature of the 2014
Durango was the “race track” style tail light setup similar to that found on
the newest Dodge Charger and the new Dodge Dart.

This comes as a pretty big surprise considering all of the
news that the Dodge Durango will soon be removed from the lineup but with a few
years until the Durango is killed off, a facelift could help the powerful Dodge
SUV sell a little better before it rides off into the sunset.  The Durango is a great vehicle but sales have
been slow this summer while the rest of the segment – including the Jeep Grand
Cherokee and the Ford Explorer – are selling at a fairly strong rate.

In addition to receiving an exterior refresh for the 2014
model year, the Dodge Durango should receive a new 8-speed automatic
transmission in the next year or so.  The
8-speed transmission is already at work in the Dodge Charger and the Chrysler
300 along with the Ram 1500 when equipped with the 3.6L Pentastar V6 and this
gearbox allows for an impressive mix of strong acceleration and great fuel
economy.  Making the sporty Durango even
more aggressive with the help of the LED race track tail light along with a new
transmission that will increase performance and fuel economy could help the
full sized Dodge SUV sell better before its run comes to an end.

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