5 Things We Love About the 2019 Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn

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Ram’s Laramie Longhorn cowboy trim grabbed over attention.

When Ram pulled the covers off its new Laramie Longhorn truck, we were stunned by how amazing it looked right off the bat. Standing in attendance and listening to the excited murmur from the crowd told us we weren’t the only ones. As we looked closer, we found these five things that we really love about the updated trim level.

1. Real Leather Seats

One of the first things we really started to appreciate was the real 100%  full-grain leather used on the front AND back of the seats. Often automakers claim they have leather seats, yet that can mean it is only the front or the inserts of the seat.

Not so with the Laramie Longhorn package. Both the front and back of the seats are real leather and this just adds to the luxury feel.

Plus, it is 100% full-grain leather which will hold up a lot better than cheap leathers to everyday wear and tear.

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