Aznom Atulux: A RAM Truck in Designer Sheepskin Clothing

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Aznom Atulux

This custom truck is a actually a RAM 1500 that has been turned into a road going luxury barge for the ultra-rich.

Well, the current trend for taking a utilitarian work machine and turning it into a portable rich person’s front room has finally reached the Dodge Ram. When we caught the headline for this extravagant piece of Italian coach via The Drive, we already knew what to expect. Plush leather, flat screens, a Playstation, somewhere to keep the champagne cool, probably a coffee maker, and without a doubt, a sound system that will wake the dead.

Well, red faces all-round because we were wrong. The Aznom Atulux doesn’t have an integrated Playstation, it has an Xbox instead. Everything else though, we were bang on the money. What separates this from the typical conversions of utilitarian vehicles into luxurious palaces for people with more money than they know what to do with, is that this goes deep on the luxury and materials and is based around just two rear passengers.

Interior of an Aznom Atulux.

Say what you like about the Italian auto industry’s inability to make a decent workhorse, but they really know how to turn a cow into upholstery. In this case, the leather inside is all nubuck, although they will customize the leather and wood in their $260,000 luxury sedan to order. Much as we like the previous generation of the RAM 1500, we haven’t been in one with a full natural wood and leather interior yet.

And yes, Aznom really are calling it a sedan. On their Facebook page, they even call it an SuvSedan. Despite being built on a previous generation RAM 1500 and Atulux standing for All-Terrain Utility Luxury, it’s hard to classify the Atulux. It’s certainly not a truck anymore and it’s no SUV by any real standard. There’s even less sport than there is utility about this vehicle. Although, it doesn’t look like the conversion has gone as far as giving the RAM a trunk lid.

Aznom Atulux - because you need to transport your champagne in style.

So far, we haven’t sounded too impressed by this over-indulgent piece of coach-building. However, once we take a deep dive into the pictures and see how much attention to detail there is and just how opulent and comfortable it looks, it’s hard not to be impressed. Unlike the party-mobiles other companies are putting out to try and catch middle eastern oil money, the Aznom Atulux is quite subdued and clearly aimed at a more executive mindset. We can think of more useful ways to use customize a RAM truck but certainly wouldn’t complain if one showed up at the door to take us to work each day.

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