Black Friday: 3rd Gen Ram Rolls Coal and Destroys the Tires

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3g ram rolin coal smoking tires 600

This week’s Black Friday feature brings you 3rd gen quad cab Dodge Ram powered by a heavily modified Cummins Turbo Diesel engine that allows this big rig to roll coal and destroy the rear tires. This might be one of my favorite Ram videos that we have featured due to the fact that it is a great coal rollin’ video combined with an incredible burnout video. In terms of diesel burnouts, this Ram does an awesome job of proving just as much black diesel soot as it does white tire smoke.

The video details don’t explain what all has been done to the Cummins engine under the hood, we are lead to believe that this Ram packs around 900 horsepower and that is enough power to liquefy the rear skins while the exhaust makes for a two tone smoke show while this Ram races off into the distance. Not surprisingly, this big Dodge sounds as awesome as it looks while doing a burnout so make sure that your speakers are cranked up and enjoy!

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