Black Fridays: 2g CTD Ram smokes out the dyno shop

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smokey diesel indoor dyno 600

Watching a Cummins Turbo Diesel powered Dodge Ram turn the sky black with thick diesel soot is awesome but the effects are magnified when one of these trucks puts on a smoke show indoors.  In this week’s Black Friday feature video, we see a 1997 Ram 2500 being tested on a Dynojet dyno and in doing so – this Ram fills the shop with thick black smoke.

The video is older and a bit choppy – with some of the random breaks in the video having apparently been added by whoever made the video but that doesn’t make the video any less impressive in terms of the smoke or the power.  The result of the dyno session is a 97 CTD Ram that makes 460 horsepower and 780lb-ft of torque but more importantly, the amount of smoke that pours from the stacks in the process of testing makes this a worthy video of our Black Friday feature.


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