Black Fridays: 98 Cummins Ram cracks 9s – slaughters two Chevys

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While scouring the intrawebz for this week’s Black Friday feature video, I came across two videos of the absolutely awesome second-gen Ram diesel in action on the drag strip.  Both show this green and red Cummins Turbo Diesel-powered Ram roaring down the quarter mile and stomping an obviously modified Duramax diesel Chevy truck. However, while the first video is really a better example of an awesome, smokey run down the quarter mile the second video shows this Ram breaking into the 9 second barrier.  Based on this, I thought that it would be fitting to include two clips of this awesome Dodge truck in action, billowing thick diesel soot.

In the first video, this 1998 Dodge Ram CTD makes short work of the Duramax powered Chevy Silverado in the right lane even though it spins the tires shortly after launch. In fact, the Ram is pulling away from the Chevy while smoking the front tires well past the 60 foot mark.  In the end, the Ram’s 10.68 was enough to comfortably beat the Chevy’s 10.87 even though it was far from a perfect run for the Cummins Ram.

In the second video, the Ram gets out so hard and so smoothly that we don’t see the other truck once the race starts. Thanks to what appears to be very good traction, the Cummins-powered Ram blisters down the quarter mile in 9.96 seconds.  Unfortunately, the soot is so thick that we cannot see what the Chevy runs although the details state that it ran in the 11s.

Videos showing Dodge Rams powered by the Cummins Turbo Diesel are great but they’re even better when these smokey Rams are turning in quarter mile times that would crush supercars.  Crank up your speakers as the sound of this 9 second Ram are simply amazing.

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