Black Fridays: Ram Smokes Out the World on the Dyno

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bf cummins smoke tubes 600

This week’s Black Friday feature takes an interesting look at a Cummins Turbo Diesel powered 2nd gen  Ram on the dyno but rather than some of our videos which show the Ram filling the dyno shop full of smoke, this shop is smart enough to send the smoke out through a couple of hoses.  These huge hoses are attached to the stacks mounted in the bed of the Ram and as they send all of the thick black soot out into the open air, it effectively blacks out the front (or rear, maybe) of the dyno shop.

The Cummins Ram in action here sounds pretty sweet and while we don’t see any power numbers, the combination of the smoke pouring out of the hoses while the Ram is in action on the dyno – combined with the sound of the engine – leads me to believe that this truck probably puts down from pretty decent numbers.  Unfortunately, we don’t have any idea what kind of power this Ram made on the dyno but with the massive amounts of thick, black smoke that fills the sky around this shop, this is a fitting feature video for Black Friday.


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