Car Insurance Rates in California by Zip Code

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Looking for car insurance in California? Wondering what type of rates you might be looking at in your area?

The highest monthly payment (Beverly Hills) is almost twice as much as the lowest monthly payment (San Luis Obispo) – clearly illustrating that where you decide to live in California can end up costing (or saving you) almost $1,000 a year on your car insurance coverage.

While premiums are determined by many different factors, here are some reasons why geography plays an important role in shaping insurance costs:

  1. Crime Rates: Logically, cars that are driven (and parked overnight) in areas with high crime rates have a higher chance of getting broken into, damaged or stolen.
  2. Uninsured Motorists: Some areas have much higher rates of drivers who don’t have insurance. Since the likelihood of having an accident with someone who can’t pay for damages is…

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