Classic Dodge Dart (or Plymouth Valiant) Makes Red Clouds

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Watch this classic Dodge Dart or perhaps a closely related Plymouth Valiant doing a righteous burnout with red smoke.

The modern Dodge Dart is dead and sadly, the front wheel drive compact sedan never really got off of the ground. The key complaint from the Mopar faithful was that the new Dart wasn’t a sporty muscle car like it was back in the day, with front wheel drive and a handful of 4-cylinder engines lacking the punch which traditionalists expected from the Dart nameplate.

Classic Dodge Dart looks like a Plymouth Valiant, does great burnouts

When most Mopar fans think of a Dodge Dart, they don’t think of a curvy front wheel drive, 4-cylinder sedan. They think of a small, boxy, 2-door car (even though there were plenty of classic Dart sedans) which looked a whole lot like the car in the video above – posted by YouTube user Rebecca Warner. We don’t have any details on this black Mopar muscle car in action and in fact, the back end looks like a 1965 Plymouth Valiant, not a Dart, but it could be a Dart with the Valiant rear end or it could be an incorrectly labeled Valiant.

What we do know is that this is a mid-1960s Mopar muscle car with the same architecture of the Dodge Dart from that era and had the modern Dart been more like this car – maybe it would have lasted more than a few years. Of course, that would have required a rear-drive platform and a monster V8, but still, it is a nice idea.

Jokes about the modern Dart aside, this classic Mopar does a great job at the Hot Hurley Nights burnout competition in Hurley, South Dakota and to add that extra pop – this V8-powered A-body has tires which smoke bright red. Massive clouds of white tire smoke draw a positive response from the crowd at a big burnout competition, but massive clouds of bright red smoke emphasize the smoke show and fire up the crowd even more.

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