Cool Thread of the Day: 1997 Dodge Ram Van – The Hambulance

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hog swat ram van 600

Today’s Cool Thread takes a look at a truly unique 1997 Dodge Ram B2500 Van that has been modified to serve as the ultimate hunting machine.  DF member HogSWAT uses this full size Ram Van to take hunting grounds out into the woods to track down wild hogs and to make it as capable as possible, he has fitted this beast with an 8 inch lift kit, a four wheel drive conversion and a set of 35 inch mud tires to allow it to get in – and out – of the stickiest hunting situations possible.

Also, while he hasn’t provided any interior pictures, this Ram Van has been equipped with 6 leather captain chairs and a 21 inch monitor that is connected to a thermal camera.  When the guide uses the thermal camera to scan the woods, the folks inside can see everything that the camera sees on this monitor – all in the comfort of a jacked up Ram 2500 van.

Click here to head into the Member’s Rides section for a closer look at HogSWAT’s Hambulance and for more information on what he does with this badass, jacked up Ram Van.

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