Cool Thread of the Day: 2012 Dodge Durango RT with Gibson Exhaust Video

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Today’s Cool Thread takes a look at the 2012 Dodge Durango R/T owned by member SLAINTE06, who has had a Gibson exhaust system fitted up to his slick SUV.  To show off how great his Durango sounds – and to offer up an idea to fellow Durango owners who might be considering this exhaust system – he has included a pair of videos of his rig in action.

The first video begins with a low camera angle of the back end when the remote starter system fires up the 5.7L Hemi of this 2012 Durango R/T.  The truck roars to life with a throaty grumble and what little we can see of the Gibson system – the two angle cut bright polished tips – look great poking out from under the rear fascia of the modern Durango.  We also get a look at the routing of the exhaust system and the first video ends with a couple modest revs.

The second video shows the Durango R/T cruising from the inside, giving prospective buyers of the Gibson exhaust system a chance to hear what this setup sounds like from the inside while out on the open road.

Click here to head into the DodgeForum 3rd gen Dodge Durango section to check out two videos of the Durango RT fitted up with a Gibson exhaust system!

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