Cool Thread of the Day: What Motor Oil Do You Use in Your Dodge or Ram?

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1994 ram sport 600

One of the most common question in the forum world pertains to what kind of oil is best for your Dodge or Ram product.  While there is no real “right answer” to this question, every car lover who has changed his or her own oil is likely to offer up an opinion on which brand they think is best.  Mind you, one owner’s opinion is no more or less correct than the next guy but if you are looking to pick a specific brand or type of oil and stick with it – we have a thread for you.

This Motor Oil thread is found in our 2nd generation Ram sub-section and it has seven pages of discussion and a poll on which motor oil some of our members prefer.  This thread won’t answer the age old question of which motor oil is best but this discussion shows that Mobil 1 is the clear favorite among 2nd gen Ram owners.  For instance, I prefer Mobil 1 or Castrol Syntec.

Click here to check out the Motor Oil thread and while you are in the thread, feel free to offer up your 2 cents on which motor oil you prefer to put in your Dodge or Ram.


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