This Cummins is Flabbergastingly Fast

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“What? What?!” That’s what I asked the universe after I watched the video you’re about to see. I’ve always known big-ass trucks are powerful, but until now I never realized how quick they can be.

Granted, the diesel Ram pictured above and below is far from stock. It packs add-ons such as a six-inch intake, EFI Live Tuning from Innovative Diesel, a performance intercooler, an aftermarket turbo and a nitrous kit.

However, even for a heavily modded truck, it’s surprisingly quick. This monster charges forward to devour the strip in front of it and spits it out as a thick, black cloud of smoke. It trips the sensors 10.97 seconds later at a speed in excess of 125 mph.

Click the play button and try to remember what flies out of your mouth after you finish watching the following clip.

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