The Demon has Anti Lag, Making for a Great Ringtone

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The Demon will launch like no other road car with technology never before offered on a road car.

We already know that the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon will have a stronger driveshaft, a stronger rear differential, stronger axle shafts, steeper gears and drag radial tires developed specifically for this car – all of which will help this new Mopar muscle car launch over and over again without breaking anything.

Today we learn about a new high tech feature which will help the Demon get off of the line and down the track better than any road car before it, as this race-ready 2018 Challenger will be the first production car with a factory anti-lag system. This technology, which Dodge calls a torque reserve system, has long been used in the world of high performance forced induction vehicles via the aftermarket, but the 2018 Challenger SRT Demon is the first production road car to offer such a system from the factory.

One of the few faults with a supercharged engine when drag racing is boost lag, which is the time between when you launch and when your engine reaches peak boost and peak power levels. Even though there is very little boost lag with the Hellcat Hemi, every fraction of a second counts on the drag strip, so the new Demon will utilize the torque reserve anti-lag system to get boost levels up before launch.

The Demon’s torque reserve system works as part of the Launch Assist system, so when the driver activates Launch Assist, pulls to the line and brings the engine RPM up over 1,000rpm, the anti-lag system kicks in. First, the torque reserve system closes the supercharger bypass valve, which allows boost levels to build with the engine RPM. Once that valve is closed, the engine computer adjusts fuel delivery and spark timing to increase engine RPM while keeping power levels low by effectively deactivating alternating cylinders.

Since engine power levels remain low, there is less stress on the transmission, the drivetrain and the brakes as the Demo prepares for launch, but since engine RPM is increasing, boost levels are also increasing. When the driver launches, the torque reserve system disengages, firing on all cylinders and leaving the starting line with more boost and more power than a comparably powerful vehicle without a system like this. Also, in addition to offering more power on launch and applying less stress to the drivetrain components before launch, this system allows the supercharged Hemi to reach full boost and full power levels earlier in the run.

Anyone who is familiar with the function of an anti-lag system knows that in addition to providing more power on launch, this will also create a unique exhaust sound from the 2018 Challenger SRT Demon when it prepares for a quarter mile run. The unique “stutter” of the revving engine with anti-lag engaged is unmistakable to those who know of the technology, and in most high performance cars – the anti-lag sound is a thing of beauty.

To give us all a chance to showcase the roar of the Demon on launch, there is no a new ringtone available on for smartphone users along with a new teaser video offering up an example of the system in action. If nothing else, the new Demon ringtone will allow me to replace the Hellcat ringtone that I started using back in 2014.

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