Classic Dodge Paddy Wagon And Plymouth Barracuda Highlight Incredible Car Collection

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Rick Lorenzo Collector Car Exhibit

Rick Lorenzo’s private car collection is a time machine back to the 1950s.

There are plenty of private car collections in Southern California. You’ve probably seen some of the more popular ones online. Or if you’re lucky enough, in person. But no matter how many you’ve seen, sometimes collection can sneak up and surprise you. That’s exactly what happened when we attended a luncheon hosted by the Motor Press Guild at Rick Lorenzo’s Collector Car Exhibit.

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John Kraman and Rick Lorenzo

What exactly is the Rick Lorenzo Collector Car Exhibit? Great question because frankly, there aren’t a whole lot of people who know Rick’s collection. He’s the owner of Price Transfer, Inc. According to their website, Price Transfer is “the Industry Leader in Centralized Examination Stations.” Basically, they’re the people that examine the large shipping containers for U.S. Customs.

What Price Transfer, Inc. does is less important (for this website) than what’s also kept there. Lorenzo has devoted quite a bit of space at the facility to recreating some of his childhood loves, including classic cars. Once you walk into the car exhibit, it’s as if you’re transported into the 1950s. There’s a full ‘50s diner, a fully-stocked vintage hobby shop, and much more. The shops are positioned as if you’re walking down Main St. USA in 1955. It’s quite a sight to behold.

But what about the cars? There are too many to list, but one of the standouts is a 1923 Dodge Brothers Paddy Wagon. Showcased at Rick’s collection, the actual Paddy Wagon was donated to the Long Beach Police Historical Society. It’s completely restored, and it’s gorgeous. The other major standout is the ’73 lime-green Plymouth Barracuda. And it definitely stands out from the rest of the more “normal” colored vehicles.

Once the luncheon was complete, we got a full tour of the exhibit. It’s clear that Rick Lorenzo has one of the best private car collections around. It’s a shame that so few people have heard of it.

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