Dodge Recalls Nearly 10,000 Charger Police Cars

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Oh boy. The Chrysler group is recalling over 9,668 Charger police vehicles from last year. Reports say they’re plagued with overheating electronics. In some cars, the low beam headlights might die from an overheated bulb connector. Even the brakes and stability control are at risk for failure if the power distribution center overheats. Yikes.

Chrysler seems to be trying to soften the blow by making clear the
problems only cropped up in severe conditions. They cite long periods of
high-speed driving and periods of extended idling as known causes for
the issues. They’re still monitoring the retail fleet for evidence of
the problem in non-police vehicles. Even if something did go wrong,
nervous owners (and police officers) can take solace in the Charger’s
recently received 5-star safety rating.

Recalled vehicles will
have their ABS and stability control systems relocated to a cooler part
of the car, while the headlight jumper harnesses will be replaced
(presumably) with revised models. Luckily, the headlight issue was
traced back to the plant where it happened, so they should be fine in
the future. But now it’s time to let us know what you think.

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