Don’t Call it a Comeback: Dodge’s Reborn Dart at NAIAS

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DSC_0140.JPGby John Coyle
Dodge Forum

The new Dart might just be the best argument yet for the merger between Ma Mopar and Fiat. To put it mildly, small car offerings from the Pentastar folks have somewhat lacking since the demise of the wide-eyed Neon.

But Fiat’s bread and butter is small cars and–niche-market 500 aside–the company knows it needs a competitor in the segment. The new Dart is slightly longer and wider than the Alfa-Romeo Giulietta on which it’s based, and while I think it looks a little uninspiring from the side, it’s hard to go wrong emulating the LED tail lights from the Charger, and the sloping hood, wide grill, and headlights which taper into a point give the nose an aggressive appearance. Is it too early to ask for a Swinger? 

Click on the image below for more shots of the Dart on the floor at NAIAS, and see what folks are saying about Ma Mopar’s latest offering over in the Forums!


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