Ford Tech Reveals Why He Bought a Dodge Ram EcoDiesel

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This Ram owner might drive Ford trucks all day long. But after three years, he still prefers Dodge for a number of reasons!

We all have our own opinions of what the best full-size truck on the market is. But if you’re looking for something more substantial than the average person’s opinion, few measure up to the guys that actually work on these things. YouTuber Brian, who runs Ram EcoDiesel Source, is such a guy. But what makes him even more interesting is the fact that this Ford technician doesn’t own any of the trucks he works on every day. He owns a Dodge Ram EcoDiesel.

Dodge Ram

Which, in itself, makes a pretty loud statement. But after owning his Ram for three years, Brian decided to make this excellent, extensive video outlining the reasons why he prefers the Dodge. For starters, he notes that he’s had “zero problems with the chrome popping and peeling,” which is a common issue on modern OEM trucks in the salt belt. In fact, he notes that the overall quality of the exterior is excellent. Even the OEM tires, which generally exhibit poor quality, have held up very well.

Next, it’s on to the powertrain. Brian notes that he’s had “zero issues” with the 3.0-liter diesel, which he calls an “awesome, awesome engine.” Which is a surprise given how complex new diesel engines are. Brian also calls the interior “amazing,” and notes the high quality and level of detail. He also appreciates the usability of the interior, which includes niceties like actual buttons for things like the heated/cooled seats.

Dodge Ram

So the remaining question is, how does this Dodge Ram drive? Well, pretty darn excellent. The diesel is so smooth at idle that Brian admits he finds himself “checking the tachometer at long stoplights to make sure the engine’s still running.” Shifts are “ultra smooth,” there’s “no noticeable turbo lag,” and it has “plenty of power.” Overall, he calls the diesel Ram a “pleasure to drive.”

From a guy who drives Ford trucks all day every day, that’s a pretty solid recommendation!

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