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Dodge AT4

If you’re a fan of ‘obscure’ old trucks, you’ve got to check out the incredibly cool Aussie Dodge AT4!

Here in the States, we obsess over every detail on our rides. We can spout off statistics and rare options for virtually any model and/or year of the vehicles we love. But a funny thing happens when we’re presented with the reality that those very same vehicles look rather different in other parts of the world. These are foreign things that spark our curiosity, carrying a tremendous amount of intrigue. And we find ourselves in exactly that mindset every time we lay eyes upon the Australian Dodge AT4 pickup.

Luckily, we’ve got quite a few Aussie Dodge fans here in our forums. And, it so happens, a bunch of them also own AT4s. So there are a number of fascinating threads about these trucks to be found, with loads of great information. Including this invaluable info from mousey.

Dodge AT4

“AT4, as most here would already know, stands for Australian Truck Series 4, much the same way as an AP2, AP5 etc. stands for Australian Production Chryslers e.g Aussie Chrysler Royal (AP2) and Aussie Chrysler Valiants (AP5 AP6).

Model numbers are as follows. Example – Dodge AT4 329 , the 329 – first digit tonnage, second and third are wheelbase + 100,” i.e. 3-tonner with 129″ wheelbase. Another example – Dodge AT4 575 is a 5-tonner with a 175″ wheelbase, AT4 114 is a 1-tonner with 114″ wheelbase, and so on. Commers used a similar system.” 

Dodge AT4

“For models from 460 up, AT4-460 for example would indicate a V8 engine and AT4-460-6 would indicate it was a 6 cylinder version. From this we can deduce that an AT4 690 is a 6-tonner with a 190″ wheelbase (and V8 engine). Also, an AT4 760D would indicate a 7-tonner, 160” wheelbase, and diesel engine (D for diesel).

The 225 slant-six engine was available from 1962 and was replaced by the Hemi 245 in 1970. It was used in the AT4 114, 129, 229, 329, 353, 460-6, 475-6, 560-6, 575-6. The 313 V8 Poly engine was used from 1962 to 1964 and replaced in 1965 by the 318 V8. V8 engines were used in AT4-460, 475, 560, 575, 660, 675, 690.

The Perkins 6.354 (6 cyl 354 cid diesel) was available as an option on AT4 660, 675, 690. The 361 V8 and Cummins 160 (6 cyl 464 cid 160HP diesel) were only available in the AT4 760 and 775.”

Dodge AT4

“This info came from an AT4 parts catalog with model identification that was kindly sent to me. Production of the AT4 ran from 1962 to about 1972, when it was replaced by the single headlight D5N. D5N simply stands for Dodge Series 5, N-normal control (bonnetted truck).

The D2F was the Dodge version of the Commer after Chrysler took over Rootes Group (series 2, F-Forward control). These were available with 361 V8 and Cummins 185 (470 ci V8 diesel). The D might have also coincided with the D-series Internationals, as Dodge and Inter shared the same cabs and were built at the Chrysler factory at South Australia from 1962 onwards.”

Fascinating info, for sure. If you want to learn more about these Dodge AT4 trucks from down under, be sure and check out these excellent threads by heading here and/or here. And if you just happen to own a Dodge AT4, post up some pictures so we can see it! One thing’s for sure, you’re likely to learn something you didn’t know!

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