Found on eBay: 1967 GHIA 450SS

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Sticking with our theme today, here’s another unlikely Mopar alum. One of only 50 built, and 29 known to still exist, this Italian-designed droptop sports a heart only Chrysler could provide. 

Motivation for this beauty comes by way of the 273 cubic inch “Formula S” small block. Built at the behest of Burt Sugarman, a Hollywood producer with a penchant for Ghia designs, the 450SS retailed for over $13,000 back in ’67 and would have been cross shopped with the likes of Ferraris and Lamborghinis of the day. 

While the presence of a slushbox is somewhat disappointing, the fact that it’s a TorqueFlight does redeem it somewhat, as these transmissions are known for their tolerance of ham-fisted abuse – though it’s probably doubtful that someone buying a sought-after $100k classic convertible is going to be doing too many neutral-drop burnouts with it.
In the collector car hobby, the term “rare” gets thrown around with increasing regularity. But when your car is one of less than three dozen known to still exist, calling it such is completely justified. And as the nearly six-digit current bid will atest, the bidders seem to agree. 
Is it worth it, or would you rather have a Hemicuda occupying a space in your dream garage?

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