Have a Dodge Car Insurance Policy in Florida? Better Watch Out for Staged Accidents

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While insurance fraud as a whole is nothing new in the world of crime, one specific type of insurance fraud has become an increasingly common way for thieves to line their pockets at the expense of law-abiding motorists: Staged Accidents. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), if you have your Dodge insured in the state of Florida, you have a much higher chance of falling victim to a staged accident than a driver in any other state. Since over 25% of all questionable bodily and personal injury claims occur in Florida, it is important for all Dodge owners in the state to understand the most common types of staged accidents and how to recognize and avoid them.

  1. The Swoop and Squat: Usually involving two vehicles (besides the victim), this method involves one car acting as the “Squat” by pulling in front of the victim in traffic. A second car then “Swoops” in and cuts off the squatting vehicle who is forced to brake suddenly – causing the victim to rear-end the squatting car. After the swoop car flees the scene, the victim is left having to pay for the squat car’s damages.
  2. Side Swipe: Just as the name implies, this type of staged accident occurs when a victim drifts slightly out of their lane and is side-swiped by another vehicle in the adjacent lane. This occurs most commonly at…

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