He Fought the Law… And Got Busted in the Shower

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by John Coyle
Dodge Forum

A Houston man is in custody after leading deputies on a chase which saw his Dukes of Hazard-style Charger hit speeds of 120MPH. After getting his plate number, the cops backed off, and simply went to his house to pick him up.

Details come from Click2Houston.com:

The suspect got off the Beltway and was spotted driving along a feeder road and then he turned into the Cascade At Fall Creek apartments. 

Officers found his car in the complex parking lot, traced his plates and found his address, which led them to a nearby apartment.

His girlfriend answered the door, but police said they found the suspect in the shower. He admitted to fleeing from police.

According to HPD, the man told them he did not stop because he had marijuana and did not want to lose his car.

The suspect was then charged with felony evading and marijuana possession, which kind of begs the question: Why open your mouth about the weed? Why not just get hauled into jail for running? Wouldn’t that have been better? We may never know.

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