Hilarious New Ruffles Commercial Features A Dodge Aspen R/T And A ’69 Charger: Video Inside

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The new ruffles commercial for the Honey Mustard flavored potato chips is a fictitious movie trailer for the new flick, Tangy Honey Mustard that documents the “Ruffles Cup,” which also happens to be the world’s most dangerous race, according to the commercial. But that’s not all, the stars of the show, Ruff McThickRidge and his sidekick, Bo Dato are driving “Honey Mustard,” a Dodge Aspen R/T against other Dodges, like an evil ’69 Charger.

When the big Charger attempts to pass the Aspen, Ruff hits a switch that cuts the mustard, spilling honey mustard all over the road and sending the Charger careening off a clip–but not before the driver proclaims the mustard to be delicious when the spilled sauce splatters his face.

If that’s not weird enough, there’s also a Bomb-defusing sloth and plenty of other wacky characters. Seriously, you’ve got to watch this, if nothing for the cool Dodges… and the bomb-defusing sloth!

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