L.A. Auto Show 2012: Return of the Dodge Charger Daytona

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Get behind the wheel of a Dodge Charger and you’re ready to race. The big-block engine, the muscly front end, the growl and squeal of the tires all help sustain the fantasy of shooting off the light and barreling past the checkered flag. Dodge knows this. You know this. And to amp up the excitement, Dodge is bringing back the Daytona as a limited edition option package for 2013.

With spoiler, hood stripes, roof wrap, luxury interior, steering wheel-mounted paddles and of course the 370 bhp HEMI V8, the Daytona is a nod of what made its former incarnation so very bad-ass with updated styling to make up for its boxy past. Sure, it’s still a four-door sedan, appropriate for carting kids to soccer and circus class, but once you drop them off this big blue (or black or white or silver) machine is all about power. 


Debuting at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the Daytona has been missing from the Charger options since 2009. It’s now back and can be added to the R/T for $2995 or the R/T Road & Track level for $2500 extra which includes the performance-oriented chassis, automatic transmission, a 3.06 axle ratio, performance brakes, and the six premium speakers so you can blast Skynard as you hightail t down the highway. 
 The Daytona package will be rolled out for 2500 models, and each will have a Daytona plaque on the dashboard, just so everyone will know it’s not just a regular big blue beast.

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