Li’l Red Express Making ~1000 Horsepower

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The Dodge Li’l Red Express was a pretty awesome truck back in 1978. Back when Car and Driver tested one of these awesome beasts it was the quickest car of the year from 0-100mph. Yup, quicker than the Ferrari 308, Lamborghini Countach, etc… It sported a 360 cubic inch V-8, a 727 Torqueflite automatic transmission and a 3:55:1 rear end. Stump puller, indeed. It was conservatively rated by Dodge at 225 horsepower.

Not satisfied leaving well enough alone, Max Kirtley thought something making around 1000 horsepower and between 1500-1700 pound-feet of torque would be more appropriate. It now features a Cummins turbo-diesel straight-six with up to 100psi of boost, a Hamilton cylinder head and cam, a water injection system and TWO nitrous injection systems.

He claims he’s run 10.04 second quarter-miles twice. Unfortunately, this video doesn’t include an elapsed time. Judge for yourself in the video.

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