Black Fridays: Smoky Cummins Ram Goodness from the Czech Republic

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cz ram 600

This week’s Black Friday feature video takes a look at a four-way drag race involving one seriously built Cummins Turbo Diesel Ram that, I believe, takes place in the Czech Republic.  This 2002-2005 3rd gen Dodge Ram 2500 packs a huge set of stacks and a mysterious bottle in the bed that is said to contain “nitro”.  I presume that the person who posted the video meant nitrous oxide but considering the size of the tank, this truck either has a propane setup or one giant nitrous bottle.

In any case, the Ram 2500 is lined up against an Audi A5 and what looks to be a 5-door VW which gets out surprisingly quickly.  We cannot see the fourth car on the far right well enough to identify it and with the video cutting off quickly before indicating who won – we can only tell that the big, bad American diesel pickup did a fine job of hanging with some of the local European tuners in this video.  Best of all, in true, obnoxious American fashion – this Cummins Ram cloaked the track in a haze of diesel soot as he roared down the track.  Most affected by the smoke is a hot little blonde standing at the starting line in what appears to be a Rockstar energy drink outfit.


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