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New Mopar ’14 Challenger model revealed: only 100 serialized c

Those of you who have been following along at home as we strolled through the big news from the Mopar display at the 2013 SEMA Show have probably been pretty impressed by the introduction of the new Dodge Challenger R/T Shaker and the return of the Dodge Scat Pack but Dodge had one more surprise up their sleeve at SEMA – the debut of the Mopar 14.  Based on the Dodge Challenger much like the original Mopar 10 back in 2010, the Mopar 14 features a package that allows these Challengers to stand out in a crowd but unlike any Mopar branded vehicle before it, the Mopar 14 allows for a great deal of customization that makes each one of these Moparized muscle cars unique.

The Mopar 14 Dodge Challenger is the first vehicle in the Mopar brand lineup to be offered in any color other than black and while black is available, I would hope that many Mopar 14 buyers would opt for the gorgeous Bright White scheme shown here.  Buyers can select from three different stripe packages including the A line stripe shown here, the Shaker style stripes from the new Challenger R/T Shaker and a rocker panel stripe that has not been shown off just yet…all of which come in Mopar Blue.

Next, the Mopar 14 features a black grille surround, 20 inch black wheels, a black fuel filler door and a black low profile spoiler with a black Mopar Design badge on the outside while the cabin received a black Nappa leather treatment with Mopar Blue stitching throughout as well as a Mopar M logo embroidered on the seat backs.  Perhaps the most significant exterior modification that separates the Mopar 14 from the rest of the 2014 Dodge Challenger lineup is the new Shaker hood design that allows the 5.7L Hemi to have fresh, cool air rammed into the throttle body by means of the satin black hood scoop that is attached to the engine and pokes up through a large hole in the hood.

New Mopar ’14 Challenger model revealed: only 100 serialized c

Finally, unlike any of the Mopar branded vehicles before, buyers can select from a long list of official accessories to make their Mopar 14 unique from the rest of the pack (of very limited edition muscle cars).  In addition to the list of basic items below, the Mopar 14 can be fitted with any of the Scat Pack stage kits so performance can be improved with something as simple as a cat back exhaust system or as elaborate as ported and polished cylinder heads.

“The Mopar ’14 is yet another factory-engineered example of how Mopar can make even limited-edition muscle cars like the Challenger even more special,” said Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO of Mopar. “With three new ‘Scat Packages’ and more than 100 proven, quality-tested Mopar performance parts and accessories available for the Dodge Challenger, Mopar makes it simple through its one-stop customization shop.”

While Mopar hasn’t announced pricing yet for the new Mopar 14 Dodge Challenger, they have announced that just 100 units will be built so if you want one, you had better start bugging your local dealership with cash in hand right away.  Orders are expected to begin in March 2014 with deliveries happening in the spring or early summer but if you want one of these 100 Mopar 14 Challengers, I would recommend that you do some schmoozing with a Dodge dealership salesperson.

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